In my passion for photography of Birds in nature, I have traveled to many spaces. I was birthed in Jerusalem and served in the Israeli Navy in the most amazing places on Earth, where the sun is red in the sunrise and the sea is like a mirror. The desert in Sinai and the ocean moved me to photography. After completing my service in the Navy, I started out by snapping the old city of Jerusalem and the nature that surrounds Jerusalem. It didn't take long to see that Israel takes in one of the biggest avian migrations in the world and Eilat became a hot spot for me. While on my many drives from the North of Israel to Eilat, my friends and I discovered many new species in 1985, I then published the book, "Desert Birds in Israel." In this book I have the two remaining Lappet Faced Vultures in Israel, only six months after publishing the book; the birds became extinct from that region.

From the 1980 to 1987 I photographed more than 20 new species in Israel. I traveled to Africa and other spots in the word to finish my book, "Birds of Israel" that unfortunately was unfinished. I induce the owner to work with the best birdwatching, 
Oz Horine, I left Israel in 1988 and came to Florida.
I traded all of my equipment and stopped photography until 2008.
That's when I set out making a raw artwork that combines: Photography, Computer Technology, and a deal of time and imagination. By blending all of these elements I have named my art Surreal Nature.
Birds Of Israel, Collection from 1982 to 1988, By: 
Meir Martin Photographer
Meir Martin: Wildlife Photographer.

From 1982 to 1988 I dedicated myself to photograph all the Birds of Israel Spices. I was living in North of Israel Qiriat Shmona. 
I was driving all the way with my body friends, Oz Horin 
Two of us captured on film more than 370 species’  
Some of the birds are endemic, rare, First time seeing, and one of them was the last time seeing.
 In 1987 Oz Horin and Meir Martin publish the Booklet “Desert birds of Israel”
All my 82000 slide of Birds Of Israel and Africa travel with me to US at 1988 and now 2014 I hope I have the time and financing to lunch this Website. 
Thank you to my company PetPeePee and my partner that welling to support this Site. 
Thank you to my company PetPeePee and my partner that welling to support this Site.  
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This collection of the "Birds of Israel" that has been photographed from 1982 to 1988. 

My equipment was a Nikon from 1000mm Manual focus Nikon F2 and F3. 

A film I was using, Kodachrome, and Ektachrome film. When I converted the film to digital format in 2009 most of them lost their quality and the vivid color. Meir Martin.

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WHIMBREL Eilat Israel.
Eilat Israel1985.
EGYPTIAN VULTURE. Eilat Israel 1985.
lest picture the Vulture become extinct at 1987, Israeli Negev.
NIGHTJAR Israel Eilat.
Black Kite Israel
strix-hadorami A New Species of Bird Discovered.
A New Species of Bird Discovered.
Picture taken by Meir Martin 1985
Birds Of Israel
Collection from 1982-1988
Meir Martin Israel desert 1982